Simpler and Easier

Mitsubishi Electric Collaborative Robot - MELFA ASSISTA can share a workspace with humans.
Simpler, Easier and more flexible.
This robot will change your perception of what a "robot" is.


Easy Control

Move easily with the operation buttons.
The operating buttons on the robot arm provide you with easy control for ASSIST A and the teaching pendant for programming and teaching is no longer needed.
The LED on the robot arm display the status of the robot.

Easy Programming

No need for expertise.
You can create programs visually using intuitive operations with RT-Visual-Box.
"Visual Programming" - This software allows operators to simply program this robot with a "train by demonstration" programming interface.This allows them to move the robot arm position and set way-points easily.


Easy connecting

A Wide Variety of Components and Applications.
ASSISTA offers a wide variety of components-Grippers, Fingers, Vision and other peripherals-developed by a group of organizations known as MELFA Robot Partners.
These tools can easily be setup and configured for your application.
ASSISTA can also be configured to move freely as as part of an AGV/AMR or as a mobile robot.
(AGV:Automated Guided Vehicle, AMR:Autonomous Mobile Robot)

Key Benefits

Robot Diamond Assurance™ – Protect your robot investment with Robot Diamond Assurance, our extended preventive maintenance program. With regular, proper maintenance from Mitsubishi Electric factory trained technicians, obtain increased uptime and fewer repair costs.
Internal pneumatic and electrical connections – Easily connect to a large range of peripheral devices, from 3D vision systems to padding modules.
Next generation intelligent functions – Carry out more complex tasks with intelligent technology, such as enhanced vision and force sensors.

H-FRH Horizontal Type Robot

Safe, collaborative work applications – Allow robots and people to work together in a secure environment with safety add-ons such as area scanners and the MELFA Safe Plus module....
Open architecture MELFA Basic IV platform – Use a powerful, accessible robot operative system that does not require costly software adders.
Additional axis interface – Eliminate the need for additional motion controllers by directly controlling up to two external 3-axis coordinated servo systems, with up to 8 total servo axes.
Remote access capable – Conveniently monitor and control robot operation remotely.
Convenient ports, features, and add-ons – USB 2.0 port for quick PC connection, SD memory card slot for data logging, and battery free controller provides a worry-free solution to program storage to eliminate waste.

H-FRH Horizontal Type Robot
RV-FR Vertical Six Axis Robot
RH-FRHR Celling Mounted Robot
RH-FRH Horizontal Type Robot
RH-CH Compact, Low Cost, Industrial SCARA Robots
RH-FRHR Celling Mounted Robot
RH-CH Compact, Low Cost, Industrial SCARA Robots
RV-FR Vertical Six Axis Robot