The FX3S is the fit-and-forget PLC solution for space and cost
conscious applications requiring up to 30 I/O. This minimum-
expandability, battery-less maintenance free controller is perfect
for handling straightforward processes and can be hidden away in locations without regular maintenance activities.

  • 3rd generation basic compact PLC
  • High performance with minimal size
  • Integrated power supply (AC powered)
  • Maintenance-free EEPROM memory
  • Ample memory capacity (4000 steps) and device ranges
  • Built-in USB port for the programming communication function
    to enable high-speed communication at 12Mbps
  • Built-in positioning control
  • Integrated real-time clock
  • Increased functionality using Expansion Boards and
    Special Adapters
  • Programming with GX Works2 or GX Works2 FX