iQ Platform


The iQ Platform is a one-of-a-kind modular Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) that unifies all of the Mitsubishi Electric automation disciplines. The iQ Platform is the only PAC capable of integrating individual Sequence, Motion, CNC, and Robot control onto a single back-plane rack. Individual control means that specialist CPUs are designated to each control discipline, not a single CPU bogged down by all motion, networking, and I/O handling. Based on the multi-CPU architecture of the renowned Q Series Automation Platform, the key to this multi-discipline superiority is the CPU-only data bus on all Q3*DB base units. While the first bus handles all standard I/O and networking communication, the secondary bus facilitates a large high-speed shared memory area between up to 4 CPUs, each dedicated to different aspects of the automation system. The CPUs then share their working data at an almost instantaneous refresh rate between all of the CPUs in the configuration. This design gives the iQ Platform unbeatable efficiency when controlling multi-discipline solutions.

  • Up to 4 CPUs total for divide-and-conquer application solutions, including at least one sequence CPU, and with motion, CNC, and Robot CPUs available
  • Large 4096 I/O capacity at as low as 9.5ns instruction processing speeds, with selectable CPU program size
  • Selectable built-in Ethernet sequence CPUs, enabling program upload/download, monitoring, debugging, SNTP, and FTP functionality via Ethernet
  • Enhanced debugging features from within GX Developer and GX Works2
  • Backward compatibility with Q Series programs and parameters
  • Multiple program processing
  • Selectable 8 or 32-axis high-speed fiber optic motion controller CPUs
  • Selectable 16-axis C70 CNC controller CPU
  • Selectable vertical or horizontal type robot controller CPUs
  • Infinite I/O and intelligent function module customization possibilities
  • Minimal hardware footprint

Sequence Control

The QnU CPUs bring high-end sequence control to the Mitsubishi PAC lineup and are required in every iQ Platform configuration. These CPUs are most effective when used with other iQ CPUs on the iQ back-plane, however, they can also be used in existing Q Series configurations to increase sequence control performance and functionality. These unmatched processors have selectable memory sizes, communication interfaces and expansion modules, so each PAC is customized to precisely fit the user’s requirements.

  • World-leading processor execution speeds as low as 9.5ns per instruction
  • Significantly enhanced arithmetic and data processing (sorting, floating point, etc.)
  • Vastly increased data storage and non-volatile program memory
  • Utilizes dedicated high-speed CPU-only communication bus with other iQ CPUs
  • Backward compatibility with Q Series CPUs, I/O and Intelligent Modules
  • Built-in Ethernet port for increased accessibility and ease-of-use


Motion Control

The QD Motion CPUs combined with MR-J3 servos deliver the highest level of speed and precision with tight integration to interdisciplinary automation control. Exploiting the high-speed inter-CPU communication bus of the iQ Platform, intricate servo movements can be scattered seamlessly throughout iQ Sequence, Robot, and CNC operations.

  • Accelerated communication speed over a freely designated expanded range of inter-CPU shared memory
  • Additional clutch control functionality
  • Faster processing for improved multi-axis support
  • Up to 32 axes per CPU, 96 axes per system
  • MR-J3-B Servo and SSCNETIII benefits, including noise free, 50Mbps, fiber optic communication, and active auto-tuning

Robot Control

The Q172DRCPU Robot controller combines faster processing speed and enhanced motion control, providing superior flexibility and performance when designing robotic work cells. This robot work cell can be integrated into an entire factory line, all controlled by a single iQ Platform PAC back-plane rack.

  • Capable of controlling up to 3 robots per system
  • Both vertically articulated and SCARA robots can be configured on a single platform
  • Single programming software package for all robot types
  • Versatility through shared iQ networking, I/O, and intelligent modules
  • Improved cycle times through inter-CPU shared memory bus

CNC Control

The Q173NCCPU enables high-end CNC Control to be integrated with Sequence, Motion, and Robot automation systems. Also known as the C70 Series CNC Controller, an iQ CNC CPU system uses multi-purpose GOT1000 HMIs and on-rack I/O cards to minimize TCO on CNC line solutions, which in the past would have required costly networking and duplicate hardware.

  • Accelerated communication speed over the inter-CPU shared memory
  • Up to 16 axes with 4 simultaneously controlled axes per CPU, 2 CPUs per system
  • 16.8k Block/min processing speed
  • Streamlined production with reduced Tact Time and host information system linkage
  • Uses GOT1000 HMI and iQ rack-based I/O card interfaces
  • SSCNETIII benefits, including noise free, 50Mbps, fiber optic communication


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