E700 Series


The E700 Series is the latest generation of Mitsubishi Electric’s Micro Sized Variable Frequency Drives.  Advanced features and functions such as a USB port for commissioning and monitoring, embedded M-dial and display, increased low speed performance and the ability to install one of the many 700 Series option cards allows the E700 to be used in the most demanding applications.  With a standard 5 year warranty, quality and reliability is essentially guaranteed.  The E700 Series promises to continue Mitsubishi’s long history of providing the best micro drive in the industry.

  • Available in 115V, 240V and 480V up to 20HP
  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control for improved starting torque and smooth low speed motor operation
  • Auto-tuning allows improved performance using virtually any manufacturer’s motor
  • All capacities include built-in brake chopper
  • USB communications allow fast commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Standard RS485 serial communications supporting Modbus® RTU
  • Sink / Source selectable I/O
  • Supports remote I/O function via network
  • Built-in PID Control
  • Delivers rated current at 50°C and 14.5kHz carrier frequency with minimal de-rating
  • 200% overload for 3 seconds
  • 0 to 10V analog output
  • CC-Link®, DeviceNet™, Profibus-DP, LonWorks®
  • Standard 5 year warranty
  • UL, cUL, CE

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