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The Dura-Bilt5i MV’s compartmentalized design streamlines installation, commissioning, and maintenance of medium voltage drives in pumps, aerators and other critical water treatment processes. With a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) exceeding 16 years, the Dura-Bilt5i MV is engineered to deliver rock solid performance in virtually any application.

The Dura-Bilt5i MV family of drives can be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your pump or compressor station control system. They can be applied to existing motors and cabling, making them an excellent fit in modernization/ retrofit applications.

Accurate torque control is a key in controlling large conveyors. The Dura-Bilt5i MV’s flux vector algorithm provides the accuracy and response for this demanding application.

In configuration and maintenance of coordinated drive systems, common pc-based tools are essential. The Dura-Bilt5i MV shares the same TM GE Control System Toolbox Windows®-based application with the entire family of TM GE system drives and Innovation SeriesTM controllers.