A700 Series


The A700 is Mitsubishi’s top of the line VFD. It features many of the special technologies originally developed for Mitsubishi Electric servo drive products, such as adaptive auto-tuning that automatically compensates for changes in load inertia. The result is smoother operation, less downtime and ultimately, lower operating costs.  Control modes include Velocity, Torque and Positioning.  Real Sensorless Vector allows Zero speed holding torque and torque control without the need for an encoder.

  • Wide Speed Range: 200:1 operating range is possible – even when the drive is used ‘open loop’
  • PLC Feature: A700 programmability provides true intelligence inside the drive – a simple solution for complex applications
  • Easy Gain Tuning: Compensates automatically for changes in load inertia to ensure smooth and consistent operation
  • Fast Response: Up to 300 radians / second speed response means lightning fast reaction to sudden load changes
  • USB Port: Allows simple connection to the new FR-Configurator Software for quick and easy commissioning
  • Power Down Braking: Keeps the motor under control even if the supply power is lost
  • Remote I / O Capability: All of the drive I/O can be read or controlled over a network
  • Brake Transistor Circuit: Included in all sizes up to 30 Hp
  • Integral Radio Filter: Limits Radio Noise emissions to meet EU Directive – all sizes of drive
  • Speed Control: with or without torque limit allows 200:1 Speed range, driving or overhauling
  • Open Loop Torque Control: including torque at zero speed
  • UL Listed for single-phase input
  • UL, cUL, CE

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Document Type Description Filename Size
 Brochure  A700 VFD Brochure  A700_Brochure 1.1Mb
 Pocket Guide  A700 Pocket Guide  A700_Pocket  2.0 Mb
 Manual  A700 Applied Manual  A700_Applied_Manual  20 Mb
 Manual  A760 Applied Manual  A760_Applied_Manual  20 Mb
 Manual  A700 Installation Guidelines  A700_Installation  6.7 Mb
 Manual  A/F/D/E700 Technical Guide  A/F/D/E700_Tech  25 Mb
 Manual  A700 Single Phase Information  A700_Single_Phase  0.2Mb
 Manual  PU-07 (parameter unit)  PU_07_Manual  2.6 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7AC (AC I/O option card)  A7AC_Manual  0.8 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7AN (Analog I/O option card)  A7AN_Manual  0.7 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7AP (Encoder input option card)  A7AP_Manual  0.8 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7AR (Relay output option card  A7AR_Manual  0.5 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7AX (Digital Input option card)  A7AX_Manual  4.0 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7AY (Digital Output option card)  A7AY_Manual  3.8 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7ND (DeviceNet option card)  A7ND_Manual  1.5 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7NE (EtherNet I/P option card)  A7NE_Manual  1.7 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7NCN (ControlNet option card)  A7NCN_Manual  1.8 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7NP (Profibus option card)  A7NP_Manual  3.3 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7AL (Positioning option card)  A7AL_Manual   1.4 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7NC (CC Link option card)  A7NC_Manual  1.7 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7NS (SSCNet III option card)  A7NS_Manual  1.7 Mb
 Manual  FR-A7NL (LonWorks option card)  A7NL_Manual  4.0 Mb
 Manual  A700 PLC Function  A700_PLC_Manual  3.5 Mb
 Drawing  A720 ACAD Drawings  A720_ACAD  2.3 Mb
 Drawing  A740 ACAD Drawings  A740_ACAD  3.7 Mb
 Network Config File A7ND EDS file R2.2  A7ND_EDS  0.1 Mb
 Network Config File A7NCN EDS file R1.1  A7NCN EDS  0.1 Mb
 Network Config File A7NP GSD file R1.0  A700_GSD  0.1 Mb
 Network Config File A7NL XIF file R1.0  A700_XIF  0.1 Mb